I guess Mama is forgiven.  She told me about the place that she volunteers at that has doggies who are waiting for their forever homes and she said those doggies won’t have the same kind of Christmas that I will.   She said not every dog is a spoiled rotten little heathen well loved puppy with a home of their own like me and that we need to give back to others.  That’s why she organized an antler drive with her sorority alumnae sisters.  I’m not sure what that means, and  I know that antlers don’t drive but they sure are tasty and great to chew on.   She even brought home some pictures to show  me and said I could share  them  too. 

Mama said some  of the doggies were so happy to have an antler of their very own that they took it right away to their bed to have a nice snuggle and a chew.

Some of the doggies were very excited and they celebrated with their roommates.

She said some of these pups didn’t even know what to do with their antler at first, but they all got the hang of it quickly.

Some of them were so happy to have antlers that they did a little happy dance.

Some of them are what Mommy calls “vigorous chewers” like me.  (I think that means they are extra cute.) 

My Mommy said she never felt more humbled to be able to give so little and create this  much happiness to those who mean so much to her and that she felt almost a little selfish in how good it made her feel to see so many happy doggies.

Mama said we would  post more of the pictures of happy dogs on my Facebook page, too, and that if you fall in love with any of these antler-chewing cuties that you should talk to the folks at ACSPCA about taking them home.

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