Fate.  Destiny. The stars aligned.  Sometimes you work and worry and stress over things and other times everything just falls into place like the tumblers in a lock.  I’ve read stories where people took one look at their dog and just knew that was the right one and others who did a lot of dating to ensure a good fit. 

Nearly a year ago-it was January 12th to be exact- my aunt messaged me about a dog she had seen on Smiling K9’s page.  She was looking for a small dog, something under ten pounds because she travelled a lot and wanted to be able to carry on her pooch.  The dog she actually inquired about was bigger than she was looking for, but I always kept her in mind when a small, friendly dog came around. 

Fast forward to late October or early November and my cousin messaged me saying she and her brothers were thinking about getting their mom a dog for Christmas and definitely wanted a rescue.  I know what you’re thinking, but this wasn’t one of those puppy for Christmas and off the the pound in the New Year situations.  January 12th!!  She had been looking since before January 12th!  I then began sharing picutres on Facebook of all of the small dogs that might be a good fit and heard through the grapevine (my cousin) that the pictures were “torturing” my aunt.  See, her husband wasn’t quiiiite as on board and at Thanksgiving I heard that this was going to be a no-go.  That’s ok,  we want all dogs to have a home, but we also know the circumstances need to be right.

Last week, Smiling K9’s posted a small status update needing a transport from here to a specific town in Wisconsin.  It wasn’t the usual looking request, so I knew it was a one off sitation but I went ahead and shared the status and when on with my day and quickly buried it in the layers of daily activities that were accumulating.  Much to my surprise, my cousin messaged me that her mom was going to be “here” and driving to “there” on Monday and depending on the size of the dog in question would be able to transport.

Discovering that the rider was Pork Chop, a chihuahua puppy, my aunt agreed to give him a lift to his new forever home, and joked with me, “I might not give him back when we get there!”  I mentioned his brother was still available and she said, “Is that Beefcake?”  Boom.  I got a text later from her saying she couldn’t stop thinking about Beefcake.

The logistics were sticky, as we decided to bring both boys so one could go on transport and the other could “audition” for a spot in a forever home so I picked them up, arranged to meet my Aunt and had Katie ready to meet me if necessary to take Beefcake back home but with his adoption papers in tow just in case.  Well, I didn’t time it, but I doubt if it was five minutes after snuggling with Mr. Cake before he was being adopted and heading for a wonderful life. 

Was it meant to be?  While signing the paperwork, my Aunt realized Beefcake’s birthday (he was born in rescue) was the same day as her husband’s…her husband who she used to call Beefcake.  Seriously.  I can’t make this stuff up. 

So tell us, once you decided to get a dog, how long did it take you to find The One?

6 thoughts on “Kismet

  1. How cute is that pup!! (And thanks for the dating shout out!). I went to a lot of adoption events before I found Miss M. I would rule out every dog that even looked pitbull-like, but once I met her, I realized how friendly she was and how much she was really into ME, that I knew I had to have her. (Though she tricked me because she is really into EVERYONE). E on the otherhand chose Mr. B from a Petfinder photo. Much like that episode of the Office where Michael Scott fell for the chair model…he knew Mr. B was supposed to be his dog.

  2. Oh I just love this story! Beefcake is a very good name for that tiny little guy 😀

    Mom waited more than 5 years after her last dog, Peach, went over the bridge before she adopted me. She wanted another pup pretty much that whole time, but things just didn't line up right.

    Working at the shelter meant mom met lots of nice dogs everyday, but she still wasn't really looking when she met me. She just had a special feeling about me and so she worked things out so I could be a part of the family 🙂

  3. Cool story! Both Kaya and Norman, plus my last dog were the first ones I went to meet after I started looking online. So either I just can't say no to a cute face once I see it in person or fate just brought me to the right dog each time…who knows!

  4. Agreed, Remy. Beefcake is the best name ever for this little guy. I love that your Mom had a special feeling about you…why wouldn't she?

    MTP, sometimes its really hard to reconcile a picture online with the dog you meet in person. It sounds like you all just clicked like it was meant to be.

  5. Such a cute little guy!
    I can't remember how long we looked before we got Hades, I can only tell you that when I saw him flash those awesome eyes and intense stare we KNEW he was our one. And when we took him to a play room for a meet and greet his personality instantly clicked with us. Add on top of that his adorable pound puppy mug shot and we were SO sold. It was probably about a month or two before we found him.
    We started looking semi-seriously for a second dog I would guess about 3 months later and I would also guess it took us 3 months to find Braylon. In her case her adoption profile/story was what got me, I emailed the volutneer coordinator without telling Jay, then told him, “I found a dog. We are going to meet her.” Flash forward to a few days, a tiny little black pit bull with a proclaimed fear of men who met Jay and put her paws on his shoulders and kissed him and HELLO, of course she was ours!

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