The Snow King

When we decided to adopt a Pit Bull type dog, I had every intention of collecting an entire wardrobe of cute clothes for him.  I’ll admit, that even though I pretty much had my heart set on Ray, there were some moments of doubt as to whether or not to adopt his only sister.  Cuz, one word:  tutu!  After reading so many other blogs wearing cute, snuggly sweaters and wraps, I just knew my pink piggy of a boy would be grateful for a nice fleece or sweater to ward off the chill of the snowy days here.  In fact, last year, he wore a fleece and/or a coat nearly every day while it was cold and as a rapidly growing pup, had a pretty impressive wardrobe of discards.  I found that something more fitted and snug without buttons or velcro worked the best.

This one worked out so well, that I bought it in several sizes and it made the transition from late January through March or whenever the weather turned a bit milder.   It’s amazing how hard it is to find a shirt or jacket that will fit a big chested dog, even a puppy. 

While this one technically fit, it didn’t last very long because the buttons presented a challenge in that they demaded to be eaten, or at the very least, removed. I think I ended up purchasing more that he didn’t wear than things that he did wear. We also went through quite a series of wraps with a velcro closure.  I believe velcro is code for Pit Bull Crack, judging by how joyously Ray set about attacking the velcro.

So, with all of the snow we’ve gotten in the past few days, I figured that Ray would be a shivering mess who would run out to do his business and run back inside as quickly as possible.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  My thin haired, pink skinned little piggy seems to be a snow dog.  He’s been zooming through the snow all around the pool, knee deep in snow, plowing drifts with his snout, chipping ice chunks with his massive clubs that he calls paws and running proudly around with is prize.

Standing outside in Uggs, jacket and heavy sweat pants, I usually have to demand Ray come inside because if my legs are cold under all the layers, this naked little pooch has to be cold.  I think he’d just play out in the snow as long as we’d let him.  In fact, I’ve never seen him so much as shiver, not even a little bit.  We’ve been fortunate that the temperatures haven’t been too severe yet, but I think I’m going to have to find a coat or sweater that fits well and start getting him used to it again just in case it gets bitter outside.  Then maybe we can work on rebuilding the wardrobe again.  Hey, if you can’t play dress up with you dog…who can you?

So, tell me, do you dress your dogs and do you have a special trick for success?

10 thoughts on “The Snow King

  1. Shiner just loves to wear sweaters when it's cold. She doesn't even like to go outside when it's cold. And she has to sleep on the bed with us or else she'll just start trembling… She never tries to take off her sweaters. I'm not too into dressing her up though, as I've got two human children to do that with! Lol I wanted to let you know that I included Ray in a list of cool pets with blogs over at my blog.

  2. Debra, it is so funny that you say that. I was worried about my boys getting cold so had started to look into sweaters for them. Well, when the snow hit, they took to the back yard like crazy dogs!! Santos pounces on the snow like a cat, snooting through it and digging up ice chunks to eat. They play 'tag' around the trees. I have actually had to demand that they come into the house because I am afraid they will gt frostbite on the pads of their paws. They come in for 5 minutes and are then at the back door, scratching to back out!! I think I will save my money on the sweaters and buy them boots instead:)

  3. Maybe Ray is really a husky in disguise? I don't think I could stay out in all that snow for a second! My clothing collection started with a knit sweater, but it stretched out whenever I walked so it looked like a dress. Now she has some hoodies for me and a coat. I have not developed a taste for the velcro…yet 🙂

    But what mom really wants to get me is a blanket that is like a horse blanket but pup sized. She is always keeping her eyes out for just the right one 🙂

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