Checking in from the Sofa

Happy New Year, everyone!  We’ve been fairly scarce on the interwebs* because I’ve been as sick as a …well you know…for the past several days.  I don’t think Ray has minded it much because it meant a lot of nursing Mom back to health  laying on Mom’s chest and cuddling on the sofa. 

We’ve done a whole heap of sleeping this week punctuated with some serious rerun watching on television.  Have you ever noticed that there are some shows that you rarely watch but it seems like every time you flip in on you’re watching the same episode over and over again?  We found that to be true yesterday so we decided to scroll through the dvr list for a fresher rerun to watch.  Movie maybe?  Comedy, no.  Sports documentary, no.  War movie, no.  Musical, no.  It was looking like we were out of options when I found an old PBS recording of The Dogs are Alright that I hadn’t watched in ages. 

While Ray is at home during the day we sometimes turn the TV on for “company” for him.  Usually it varies between Nick jr and classical music and he has a recording of Marmaduke that we sometimes turn on for him but I’ve never seen him very interested in the little talky box that sits on a stand.  Until last night.  I was watching this episode and Ray was standing by the door wanting to go out for the bazillionth time last night when all of a sudden his ears perked up and he rushed to the TV and started watching…

Ray loves that handsome Jonny Justice!

Although I didn’t catch it with my camera, these were followed by a play bow at the TV!  I’m not sure if it was just that the dogs on TV were “speaking Ray’s language” or if those charming good looks captured his attention, but Ray loved watching that show.

All in all, it was very cute and rather touching to see.  (And yes, Kevin, he got down right away) I find it ironic that I first watched this show and started following the Vick dogs and BAD RAP etc way before adopting Ray and I was actually looking for a brown or black dog.  One  that looked more like Hector and Handsome Dan or Cherry and Audie…definitely not one that looked like that funny little  Jonny Justice!  Ah, karma…you got me again.

*I did want to send a huge thank you to our friend, Ann, of  Pawsitively Pets for adding us to her Top 10 coolest pets with blogs of 2012.  We are honored and Ray is so flattered that is already big anvil head might not fit through the door anymore.

11 thoughts on “Checking in from the Sofa

  1. How cute. my kitten boo is still trying to figure out how the flashing pictures work. he loves sports, soccer and football. he enjoys curling and watching CSI:sci with me as well as fringe. I agree when you're sick its the same shows on tv. thankfully I could watch some PBS. hope you feel better. =^..^=

  2. That is sooooo funny that Ray likes watching the show! I love the pictures of him standing up and getting his nose as close to the TV as possible! Athena doesn't really bother watching TV, however if a commercial ever comes on with dogs or cats barking/purring she starts to whine.

    I was so excited to see you on the top 10 coolest pet blogs of 2012!! So cool!

  3. Haha! Little Jack does the same thing!! I have a picture of him sitting in front of the TV watching The Dog Whisperer. Everytime a dog commercial comes on, he stops and watches… Evern barks back sometimes:)

    Hope you are feeling heaps better!!!

  4. Yes! This happens to me all the time. I won't really watch a show but if I happen upon it, it will be the same episode I have already seen, what are the chances?

    I hope you feel better soon, Dr. Ray will make you better and Jonny Justice is a doll baby, I think Gund made a stuffed toy of him?


  5. I hope you feel better soon! We haven't been on the interwebs much lately either…I am having withdrawals! Hector is my fav Vdog, but JJ is SO cute. I never thought I'd end up with a baby-face cow-like pittie either!

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