Rumor Has It

What is “It” and who is Rumor, you ask?  Well, if you’ve read here at least once or twice, you can deduce that Rumor is a homeless soul waiting at the SPCA for her forever home.  I met Rumor recently and I can tell you, IT is loads of energy and bucketfuls of personality. 

She was the last dog to be exercised or walked on the day I met her.  Actually there were only a few left and when I was up to her, I stopped at her kennel door and watched her bounce.  Up and down, up and down.  With a sigh, I got her leashed up and decided to make the best of it by taking her out to the play yard rather than walking around the muddy neighborhood with a jumping bean.  Let me tell you, that was the Best. Decision. Ever.  Had I decided to walk her, I probably would not have seen much of her spunky, playful personality but in the yard I quickly discovered that our girl of the week luuurves herself a game of fetch with some tennis balls. 

We played with two so that as soon as she chased one down and brought it back, I was ready with the other and to my delighted surprise, she was so well-mannered in the exchange.  She scampered after those tennis balls back and forth, letting me take them from her and waiting really well for them to be thrown again and again.  Thoroughly delightful. 

I hope she finds an active person or family to love and play with her because she is truly a wonderful little sprout who will truly blossom in the right place.

If you know someone looking for a fun and fabulous little companion and can throw a mean tennis ball, have them contact the Allen County SPCA to meet Miss Rumor.

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