Shaking off the Rust

We need to refocus.  When Ray was 10 weeks old we started attending Puppy class, which while helped immensely, it became more beneficial for me to hold him and observe class then try to teach him the behaviors at home.  To say that he was the class clown would be an understatement.  Later we had some inidividual sessions with a primo private trainer which gave us some impressive tools to work with as well.  The problem with both is …me.  I got lazy with our training and as the primary care and training giver at home, I let Ray get unfocused as well.  Now it’s time for us (me) to get back on track and stimulate that overactive mind his and work on some physical and mental challenges for Ray so that he has less time and inclination to chew us out of house and home. 

Grainy phone photo, but look at how handsome!  🙂

I’m thinking about enrolling us in another class to help us refine our skills and shake the rust off but also thinking again about Doggy Daycare.  I know several of you use one, so I would love to hear your thoughts.  We aren’t in a larger city so our options are very limited and the only daycare around here that I know of requires the bordatella shot.  I have some mixed feelings about that but wonder if it’s worth it in order to get him some more activity.  So, interwebbers, what do you think?

5 thoughts on “Shaking off the Rust

  1. I was just thinking about training for our pooches. Maggie is incredibly easy to train at home (at least for the basics) and when we brought her to an obedience class, she flipped out because she is so undersocialized and reactive. Now that she's been going to doggy daycare at a behaviorist, she's less reactive but still goes a little bit nutso around the other dogs so we need to find a trainer who can deal with whining and help her get past it. Nigel, our new pooch, knows how to sit but we're having a hard time getting him to do anything else so training, here we come!!!

  2. Taking a class to get ready for my CGC really helped my learn to focus on mom when there are distractions around and to have better impulse control (I get very excited about pups). We go on pack walks a few times a week too and do some training at the end, which also helps 🙂

    Also, mom says there is a pretty new Bordetella vaccine that goes in the mouth, instead of in the nose or under the skin. It seems to work better and have fewer side effects…

  3. I haven't heard about the new oral bordatella yet. Most places require one though, although they aren't usually all that effective anyways. The side effect I've seen the most from a bordatella (the injectable one) is getting really itchy in that spot right after the shot is given. Other than that, it seems fairly safe I suppose for a vaccination.

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