My Little Bow Pup

Earlier this week I posted on my Ray-Ray Facebook page that Mama ordered me something really cool from Athena’s store Little Bow Pup.  Much to our surprise we got it in the mail on Wednesday.  How’s that for great service, I ask you?  When Mama saw the envelope she knew exactly what was inside, but she let me open the inside package a little bit.  Until I tried to eat it.
We love the tissue and string!

Inside was a quilted Superhero print bow tie!  Mama loved this print because she said it was fun and quirky just like me. She says the craftmanship is excellent and the bow tie itself is very well made.
I have another bow tie that is a bit more Sirius in nature that I wear when I am feeling debonair, but this one, she said, makes me look like the fun loving clown that usually am. 
Here I am sitting very proud in my bow tie.
 I can’t wait to wear it out and about this weekend.  Mama says that even without a bow tie on she should call me LL Cool Ray because the ladies love me.
Striking a pose.  Is this my good side or my other good side?
If you haven’t ordered your own tie from Little Bow Pup, you should probably get your Mama to do it soon and take advantage of the grand opening sale.  You might be just as handsome as me!

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