Caring, Sharing (Every Little Thing That We Are Wearing)

As we mentioned on Friday, LL Cool Ray and I were pretty excited for him to don his new superhero bow tie from Little Bow Pup and go on some more weekend adventures.  However as fate would have it,  an adoption even came up rather suddenly which left Mr. Ray-Ray at home and bow tie-less.  Always willing to help, Ray loaned out his Mama and his new bow tie in order to help a fellow out. 

I saw Banjo both on the SPCA website and also when I went to volunteer earlier in the week and I can honestly say, he was (to me) overlookable.  Just going on looks alone, he was not my type (German wirehaired pointer and “rolling stone”) and since  he had already been walked when I arrived I didn’t spend any time with him.  But when I went to pick him up on Saturday?  Oh. Em. Gee, people.  I mean it.  Soulful eyes, easy disposition and very mellow for a seven month old puppy.  I was in lurrrrve and could have kissed his wiry little schnoz all day long.

Banjo was great.  He has a solid “sit” and is attracted to children.  He liked other dogs, but honestly, not all other dogs and while he was extremely approachable by humans while he was chomping on his bully stick, he was a little annoyed if another dog came near it.  All in all a sa-weetie pie.
The other dog at the event with us was the darling Delilah.  I had seen  Delilah at the kennels as well earlier in the week and although she is a Basset hound which would make her not one of my top favorite breeds, I saw her personality shine through in about a half a milisecond.  This girl is divine!  Delilah has the za-za-zoo in spades and I’d be shocked if she isn’t adopted within the next 24 hours.  I think we ended up handing out 2 applications for her and received a filled out app right away. 
So bye, bye, bye, Delilah.  Under these circumstances, I have to say, I’m glad I only knew you for a short time.
Don’t feel too badly for Cool Ray, though.  Even though he had to model the neck tutu that Delilah is wearing, he still got to go out on the town Sunday and get his fair share of lovin’.

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