14 thoughts on “Little Plumber Boys

  1. Athena thinks that she should help with EVERY SINGLE CHORE. She's always got her nose in everything we do. Often when we are doing house cleaning we put her in her crate because otherwise it would take us 3x as long to clean with her nosey self in the way!

  2. What a good pup Ray is for helping out! I usually let mom handle the chores, as I prefer napping on the couch or enjoying a Kongsicle while she is hard at work. But I am very helpful when it comes to cleaning around my bunny's house 🙂

  3. I hope there were extra treats for all that helping? And I is so very pleased you appreciate help, usually when I does help I get told I is in the way or slowing down the process *Sad ears*

  4. Yes, you said so! Plumbing is a messy work, and it would be much bearable if you have someone to get dirty with you while doing the job. Even if Ray-Ray is a big dog and taking a lot of space looking closely! 😀

  5. It really does make the work easier when you have someone to help you. Even something as simple as companionship from your pet is a huge morale boost. Well, at least your dog tried his best to help you with your plumbing!

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