A Monday Mini Me-ow

Those who give of their time and talent know how rewarding that can be, especially if it is an area that you are passionate about.  I daresay if you are reading this, your passion in some way involves animals, probably dogs, probably pit bull types and probably rescue in some way.

When my daughter was born, I had a grand idea that each year we would go and buy a toy together to donate for Toys for Tots or some similar organization and hopefully set her on a good path of a giving life.  I’m embarrassed to admit that happend exactly zero times.  On the other hand, I’m not embarrassed at all because maybe that was never my passion, but just a popular foundation that does good for a group that I thought I’d like to help.

What I am so proud of is that Asia has decided to lend her time and talents to a group that I am very supportive of, ACSPCA.  We drove together to the shelter on Saturday so she could attend orientation and I could walk some dogs, specifically You-Know-Who.

Though she likes dogs, Asia’s passion is cats.  She is actually very cat-like herself and we joke that when we adopted Miko, the two of them spent his transition period in her room so he probably thinks they were adopted together.   I’ve spent time in the cat rooms as well, and am fascinated by the different ways people interact in there.  Some people walk around the perimeter of the room, greeting and petting each cat before settling in a chair.  I usually walk in and sit on the floor and wait to see who will approach me.  I wondered what Asia’s method would be, although I had an inkling that I already could make a pretty good guess.

She and I are both pretty quiet and reserved, so I wasn’t at all surprised when she told me she sat on the floor and waited for kitties to approach her. 

I think she made quite a few new friends.

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