My Crazy Mama

Happy Friday, folks.  My Mama has been a little bit crazy this week, so I thought I should take over some writing duties today.  I’ve been hearing some talk around about getting a new little brother and  even though that sounded like it was going to be a happy thing, I also heard crazy talk that sounded like this:  “King is much better behaved than Ray.”  Pfffsh.  As. If.

Everyone knows that the Ray-Ray is a good boy.  I’m clean. 

 I’m fun.

And I’m stylish.

I’m also very brave sensitive.

But I’m sure you know all of that, I know Mama know it, she just lost sight of the fact that I’m the best dog in the world her heart dog.  What you might not know is how incredibly slow my people have been in letting me spend time with the little human.  She is seven months old now and I still only get short visits with her.  I’m learning that I can’t just kiss her whenever and however much I want, but if I sit nicely and ask for permissions I can usually get a good butt sniff in kiss her a little.  Now that I’m so much better than King proving that I can be such a good boy I get to spend more time with the girls.

That makes me very happy.  I hope you get to spend time this weekend with your favorite people too.  Are you planning anything fun?

3 thoughts on “My Crazy Mama

  1. You're so good with the little one, I'm glad you get to spend more time together. You can teach her how to do gymnastics in the yard because it seems you're good at that too!

    We have some home improvements going on this weekend so Boomer and Dottie will get to spend a lot of time outside in the yard with us.

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