If I Had to do the Same Again

My beloved truck is in the shop today so I knew that I would be pretty much desk-bound for the day but after eating my leftovers and realizing the day was balmy, I went for a walk  In these:

A wedge isn’t really a high heel, especially with a platform, right?  Well, maybe it is, but these are super comfy.  When I’m walking pooches on my lunch, I don’t get lost in thought because I concentrate on my dog and my surroundings, so it was nice to let go a bit.  I tend to “write” while I’m walking alone and if only I could remember half of what goes through that brain I’d have much, much more content.  As it is all you are offered today is a picture of my shoes.

Do you have a mental list of topics that you fine tune before writing?  Where do you find your inspiration?  Based on the title of this post, do you know my truck’s name?

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