The Trouble with Jolly Ball

Ray loves tug games which is why those awesome fleece toys from Little Bow Pup have come in so handy.  They’re strong, washable and last a long time.  In fact, anytime Ray can carry something around in his mouth and (bonus) swing it around like a mace, he’s pretty happy.  But with actual rope toys, there is the increased chance of threads loosening and getting all wound in the intestines, unknotting and coming apart.  That’s why we’ve had a run of bad luck with our Jolly Balls.  Tugging enough causes the knots to become undone then you are left with ball and a hole with no rope inside.

Fortunately, this weekend at Big Box Store, I saw a display of fleece winter scarves on clearance and was lucky enough to find a couple in Raven black and purple!  I brought my loot home, cut the two scarves into a total of nine strips and ended up with two tug ropes and a nice new tug rope for the Jolly ball too.

When he starts a-swinging his Jolly Ball in circles he looks quite a bit like a bull trying to shake off a rodeo rider.  He swings it around his head, bangs it onto the ground and swings it around again. 

My braiding and cutting skills are nowhere near the level of professional, but for the cost of $6, I got two new and one refurbished toy, so I was feeling pretty proud of myself and I think Ray was kind of happy, too.

What crafty things do you make for your pooches?

13 thoughts on “The Trouble with Jolly Ball

  1. Oh that is very crafty! I haven't ever attempted repairing any of Athena's toys…the stuffies are all beyond repair and anything else that would need repair just ends up in the garbage because it was completely destroyed.

    I love that last picture of Ray! He looks so very jolly =)

  2. I've sewn and sewn seams of favored stuffies back up but they tend to spend weeks upon weeks waiting to be sewn only to be ripped again in minutes. Maybe not worth it.

    I just saw a cute flower in your shop I might have to buy for …just in case purposes! 🙂

  3. I don't do DIY with dog stuff at all surprisingly besides frozen treats. However, I did make a denim tug toy from old jeans before. It wasn't a favorite toy but they played with it.

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