A Kind of Hush

It was quiet.  Not silent, but quiet.  There was a palpable contentment that filled the air along with the happy sound of chewing, teeth scraping against tasty strips of dried body parts.  Unless you’re Hannibal Lecter, that probably sounds disgusting, but if you’re a dog, and perhaps especially a homeless dog, it might just sound like a slice of heaven.

Photo: BestBullySticks.com

Anyone who has a bully stick loving dog knows how pricey a good bully stick can be so save money in a few ways.  I try to hit BestBullySticks whenever I get a discount code in my email plus I enter through my own affiliate link on the blog.  That way, I get an upfront discount plus a little extra padding is building up so that when I redeem it,  I can put it back in to feeding Ray’s bully stick addiction  to good use.  I’ve gotten some awesome 1 and 2 pound grab bags which have always insured every currently housed pooch at the SPCA gets a treat.

Photo: BestBullySticks.com

I love the variety that comes in each of these bags.  You get large, small, thick and thin pieces which pretty much can cover all of the needs of the temporary residents no matter what their size.  Unlike antlers which are sometimes an acquired taste, these chews go over like buttah, baby.

We stood in the walkway by the kennels and smiled at each other in contentment.  Two other volunteers entered and walked up and down the pathway.  “Who wants to go outside?”  No one.  There was no mad dash to the kennel door.  No one stood on their hind legs and barked for attention or walks.  They were all busy chewing.

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