Well folks, another Monday, another fun hangover for the Ray-Ray. 

“You go on to work, Mama, I’ll just be right here.”

Ray and I spent most of Saturday cleaning, sorting and organizing things.  We’re planning to declutter a lot and will be having a garage sale to get rid of all of the crap treasures that this family has accumulated.  I feel singularly smug because I am a pretty good purger.  I stick pretty close to the one year rule for the most part and give away a lot of things as I go along so I rarely have to deal with the bin upon bin of clothes coming out of storage.  Except for shoes, I do love and hang on to my shoes but hey, everyone has a vice, right?

Sunday our plan was that we would get a lot of other things done around the house.  The Hubby and I are replacing the kitchen sink, faucet and garbage disposal, so we purchased those and brought them home but rather than get it all hooked up we ended up with an impromptu neighbor gathering on the patio.  Ray hadn’t really seen these neighbors since last summer/fall so it was great to see him being so well behaved and mature.  He did ask everyone to play tug with him and some people did.  I kept an eye out for energy and excitement levels and broke up anything that looked to become out of hand.  We are always careful when engaging in tug games with Ray that we keep hands off him.  We tug the rope with him but do not rub his head or face while tugging.  Unfortunately one person did not abide by this and the fun police had to step in. 

All in all, we had a good time and Ray is recouperating nicely from all the funs.

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