Siriusly, Like Ray-Ray

Some of our friends have done some amazing fundraisers for their Shelters and Rescues while grabbing some “Likes” for their Facebook pages and we’ve been racking our brains to find a fun and fabulous way to do something similar.  We do bring bully sticks to the shelter at random times and have done an antler drive already so what could we do that is different?  The answer came to me in a flash last week at the Northern Indiana Pet Expo. 

I handled Indy most of the weekend and he is a perfect gentleman on leash, so it wasn’t until Porter and I started hanging out that I realized there is a definite shortage of wider martingale collars available to use.  Porter had a thin martingale on and “exuberant” leash manners indicative of his youth so it hit me.  These dogs at the Allen County SPCA need some Sirius help.

Photo courtesy of Sirius Republic

As you may know, the folks at Sirius Republic make some amazing collars and accessories and will add the Adopt Me embroidery to the collar for free.  They are also very Rescue friendly so it only made sense to partner with them to bring you this promo!

For every  new “like” on Ray’s Peaceabull Facebook page, we will contribute one dollar* towards a fabulous fabric martingale collar from Sirius Republic with “Adopt Me” embroidered on it.    If that doesn’t just curl your toes, listen to this read this:  Jenn at Sirius Republic will donate a matching accessory (flower for girly collars and bow ties for boy collars) for each collar we order based on our likes.  How awesome is that?  Pretty durn awesome, if you ask us, but that’s not all!  If you decide that your own pooch needs a little spring sprucing, Sirius Republic has given us a promo code that you can use for your own purchases this week. 

Ray-Ray is rocking the monsters collar with mini dots bow tie.

Just enter “peaceabull10” as your promo code at check out and receive a 10% discount on your purchase.  Win-win-win!

We will be spamming posting this like mad all week and hope we can make it to the max for our friends at the shelter.  But we know we can’t do it alone, so we have a special surprise.  The person/dog/blog entity who sends us the most “likes” will receive a special prize chosen  just for them.  (In case of a tie, Ray-Ray will pick a winner.)

*The rules and fine print:  For every new like on our page we will donate $1 towards a Sirius Republic fabric martingale for our shelter up to $300 or 10 collars, whichever is more.  Remember to leave a comment saying who sent you to earn a prize for our biggest supporter.  This promotion ends Sunday May 5th at 9:00 pm EST. 

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