Head Over Heels

Ray-Ray and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support of our Sirius/Dollars for Collars Campaign.  Because of you, the adoptable pooches at the Allen County SPCA will be sporting some Sirius-ly gorgeous “Adopt Me” collars.

Head over heels!

I’ve been thinking, though, that Ray needs a summertime collar as well, so we are going to ask for your help again.  My husband says I always pick “girly” collars for Ray so these are (in my humble opinion) non-girly, pro-summertime collar selections. 

Lil Crabs

Blue Lagoon



*All above collar images: Sirius Republic

We would be thrilled to get your collar vote, just leave us a comment with your fave.

*For every new like on our page we will donate $1 towards a Sirius Republic fabric martingale for our shelter up to $300 or 10 collars, whichever is more.  Remember to leave a comment saying who sent you to earn a prize for our biggest supporter.  This promotion ends Sunday May 5th at 9:00 pm EST. 

9 thoughts on “Head Over Heels

  1. I hope your getting close to your ” like” count!

    We are planning on using the discount code to get Ed & Tess summer collars, too! We like the same ones!

    I vote for Waterloo, it will look great against his white coat. ( But don't be surprised if Ed or Tess gets the same one! )

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