Siriusly Eriesistibull

Folks, we are at the half way-ish point in our promo and are overwhelmed with the progress.  We started at 172 Likes on Ray’s Facebook page and were hoping to achieve an extra 300 to put us at 472 by Sunday, the end of the campagn.  Well, here it is Wednesday morning and we are already at 412!  We could  just coast from here, but guess what? We have another announcement to make.

When they heard we were partnering with Sirius Republic to get some new “Adopt Me” collars for the shelter dogs at the Allen County SPCA, our friends Tess and Ed from Eriesistibulls offered to donate the amount in the form of a collar’s worth of likes as well!

Photo courtesy of Eriesistibulls

 How cool is that, I ask you?  They just finished a promo of their own and delivered some massive amounts of kibble to a shelter in their area and now here they are helping us out. 

When we started this doggie bloggie over a year ago, we wanted to chronicle our growth process with Ray, we wanted to advocate for Pit Bull types, we wanted to make friends and exchange ideas with other like minded dog lovers.  Well, we spent a good part of our first year writing to the crickets, Beagle Bratz, and the gracious Our Waldo Bungie who have been a constant source of support and advice.  Once we stepped out of our bubble of lurkage, we began to make some great friends and we want to say “THANK YOU” for all of your support.  We appreciate the cross posting and the encouragement and we hope we can reciprocate!

Don’t forget to order your own Sirius Republic collar this week enter the discount code peaceabull10 at check out.

For every new like on our page we will donate $1 towards a Sirius Republic fabric martingale for our shelter up to $300 or 10 collars, whichever is more.  Remember to leave a comment saying who sent you to earn a prize for our biggest supporter.  This promotion ends Sunday May 5th at 9:00 pm EST. 

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