2nd Annual Pits in the Park

Wow, everyone, before I talk about the great event we attended yesterday, I want to say thank you because WE DID IT!  Because of your great support (and our friends at Erisistibulls), I was able to place an order with our partners in the is promo, Sirius Republic for ten eleven twelve new “Adopt Me” martingales.  Thank you.

On Sunday, Ray got all spiffed up, so he was pretty sure something fun was in store, and he was right!  We attended the 2nd Annual Pits in the Park.  It’s great to see an event like this in a community which seems slower than some to accept Pit Bull type dogs in the mainstream.  I loved chatting with some friends, old and new and regret that I didn’t get to meet up with others, but there will be other opportunities, I’m sure.  Ray only had one meltdown and of course it had to be while we were chatting with his trainer from puppy class and the director of the SPCA.  Nice.  I should have seen it coming, though.  I brought Ray’s water bowl and bottled water but had left them in the truck and he was thirsty.  I knew he was thirsty and I kept putting him off, made all the worse by the fact that we were standing by a large pool/fountain thing.  Of course we had to maneuver through the crowds and go all the way back to the truck, because His Highness won’t drink from community water bowls.

After he was refreshed, we ventured back for a bit with the intentions of keeping the visit pretty short.  This year seemed to be much better attended than last year and I’m pretty proud of the fact that our SPCA brought three pit bull types who are currently looking for forever homes.  Ceasar, Glamour and Harley-Quinn were all in attendance and looking like rock stars. 

All totalled, we were probably only there for about an hour before heading back home and Ray collapsed in the back seat.

All in all, as I said, I’m glad to see an event like this in our community and I hope to see it grow and evolve to help educate the community.  The entire community, Pit bull owners, especially.  As we prepared to fall in to the parade line, we found ourselves in the midst of several dogs straining and jumping and as we tried to distance ourselves, one of the owners uttered a phrase that will make me shudder for weeks, “Oh it’s okay, what do they expect?”  First, it is not okay with me if Ray jumps on your dog, therefore it is not okay with me if your dog jumps on Ray.  Second?  What do I expect?  I try to keep a “bubble’s distance” from other dogs and only allow brief meetings under calm circumstances.  I expect that when I am so visibly trying to keep my bubble intact that you respect the boundaries.  Third, don’t do that.  Don’t try to sell the “well what do you expect when a bunch of Pit bulls get together” mentality to me.  I’m not buying.  Fourth, the balls!  OMG the balls!  There were so many balls!  I did not help plan this event, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t organized to be a venue for you to whore out your stud or solicit rescues for breeders.  Shame.

Last night there was quite the discussion on a FB group that I belong to regarding the event.  My knee jerk reaction was to possibly not return, but as one member stated, “…we as a community can’t hide with just the like minded folks if we want to make a difference.”  She and others with her mentality are what keep me inspired and returning.

6 thoughts on “2nd Annual Pits in the Park

  1. YAY! So glad that the fundraiser was such a success!!

    I'm glad Ray had a good day at the event – I hear ya on the gripes though. What a great quote – something to keep in mind in whatever we are working for.

  2. I completely agree! If we only surround ourselves with people who agree with us, then we are just preaching to the choir, instead of getting out there and setting a positive example for others who may not know any better.

    PS – Ray looks adorable in that bow-tie! 🙂

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