Baby Face

Way back in the day when I was pregnant, my sister joked that I wouldn’t have to worry about my baby being stolen.  After all, the premium was for blue-eyed blondes at the time and we are definitely not that.  When Asia was born, though, my sister took one look at her beautiful little face and said, “Oh, you might have to worry.”  The truth is, no matter what you worry about all of the possible dangers that might befall your kids and back then there wasn’t even all of this social media to rely on.

Since Asia’s baby was born, I haven’t really posted many pictures or mentioned her much because I network so many adoptable animals, my personal FB page is not private.  Lately, though we’ve posted a couple and though I still try to be careful, there was one that I was just dying to post.

The baby is generally very genial but for some reason this picture of her with her little cousin just made me laugh.  The moment I saw it, I said, her little face reminds me of someone and Asia saw it right away as well.  How about you?  Do you see it?

Bottom photo credit: Two Pitties in the City Blog

We call it her “Miss M. face.”

4 thoughts on “Baby Face

  1. She's adorable! My little baby is a huge Diva too. She's started throwing fits where she sits on the floor and flings herself backwards… not even two yet, oh boy!

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