If you follow us on Facebook, you know that Ray had a visitor last night.  A couple of years ago, we had a beautiful garden.  We delighted in lucious tomatoes, tender crisp sweet peas, fresh parsley, green beans, onions and jalapenos.  I wanted so badly for this visitor to take up residence in our garden that I searched high and low for a suitable abode in which he could feel at home.


Alas, Mr. Toad did not see fit to take up residence in our garden, at least not that I ever saw, however last night while mowing, I realized I had a serious little overseer.

He  was clearly not impressed by either Ray or me, and though I admit that if I ever happened to brush against him with a bare toe I would probably scream and flail around like a startled bird, and I have no garden for him to keep watch  over, I hope he’ll stay around for awhile.  I kind of like him.

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