Beer Paws

It’s kind of a given that if you  have a pool, you have a party sometime during Memorial Day weekend.  Too bad for us that the weather didn’t completely cooperate,  and only children braved the chilly water.  Still, the sun was usually shining, the grill was hot and the beer was cold. 

Although we (mostly) have a no glass rule near the pool, I as one of the pool owners am the exception and the only craft beer drinker in the mix which is why I was so happy to have our handy dandy little Beer Paws. 

I’m kind of obsessed with having bottle openers readily available and also kind of obsessed with my dog, so these little babies are perfect to hang on your tagnabbit or even on your keychain.  I ordered two recently and now I have friends and family members who want one of their own!  Now just to decide if I’m going to gift them or send them the link.

What accessory did you find most handy this past weekend?

12 thoughts on “Beer Paws

  1. I am so glad to hear that you are liking your Beer Paws! They were definitely my handiest accessory over the holiday weekend. I keep one on the end of Luke's leash and also on the wrist strap of my purse. You never know when you'll need a bottle opener!

  2. Awesome! Brennan would love this =) I do think I might need to surprise him with one in the near future! And we had similar weather here for Memorial Day which was quite disappointing =(

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