The Power of Pretty

They say clothes make the man and every woman knows the value of smart accessorizing.  As you know, we recently ran a promo with Sirius Republic which resulted in some great Adopt Me collars and accessories that went to the Allen County SPCA

Whenever Ray dons one of his fancy collars and especially if he wears a bow tie, he gets a ton of attention and compliments, so why should any other dog be different?  Well, they’re not.

The other day, I posted a photo collage of Glamour, an adoptable Pit Bull mix at the SPCA.

I had spent some quality time with her and towards the end of the visit, I snapped some pictures and tried to snaz them up a bit then posted them to Facebook.

Over 200 people saw this picture, 8 people liked it and no one shared it in the first 24 hours that it was posted.

When I came back for another visit with Glamour, I grabbed one of the new collars and flowers so I could take a few…Glamour shots and when I had a few moments I made another collage to post on Facebook.

Same dog, different collar, add a pretty accessory and voila  6 shares within the first half hour. 

That’s the power of pretty.

6 thoughts on “The Power of Pretty

  1. Yes! We've also noticed how dog gear can be a conversation starter and make the dogs more approachable to people who wouldn't ordinarily talk to us. It does make a big difference…especially for adoptables!

  2. Proof that it works 🙂 I'll admit that I'm more likely to click on the pictures of dogs like the ones you have of Glamour than the ones where they look all scared and cowering in a shelter cage corner… Love her name – she's a beauty!

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