Asia and Ray

Last month, I received a very nice surprise in the form of two guest posts that my daughter, Asia, wrote.  I can’t decide if I’m more touched by the content or just the mere fact that she felt compelled to (figuratively) take pen to paper.  Her relationship with Ray has been varied, and I think that deep down she is really a “cat person,” but here is her second, but hopefully not last, guest installment.

What a Girl Wants
Over the years I have begged for a dog numerous times and always got the same answer.  “No,” I wouldn’t be responsible enough or have the time to give it the love and care it needed.  So imagine my excitement when my mom and dad started warming up to the idea of us getting a dog.

Mom threw around the idea of fostering elderbulls but Kevin and I weren’t  sold on being fosters.  I love all animals and although I knew we could help so many by fostering, I felt I would be heartbroken each time they left our home. 

But when mom got the call about Sparkles and Kane, and helped Sparkles deliver her puppies, she knew she wanted one of those puppies.  Now to decide which one.  I liked the silver girl with the pretty  blue eyes.  So did Mom, but she immediately had her eyes on the green-gunk-covered white and black spotted chunk and after a few visits it was decied the green pig would be our Ray-Ray. 

The Anticipation
While we waited to bring him home the excitement of our family finally getting a puppy kept building for me.  I imagined cuddling and playing with him and being the best of friends. 

The Reality
The night Mom brought him home I eagerly met them at the door and Ray wasn’t very interested in me. Of course it was a new place, but he was Mama’s Boy from the start.  Over the next week at home Ray began feeling extremely comfortable.  And he was a complete butt head!  Given I had never lived with a puppy before and I’m sure he was showing normal puppy behavior, I could not even be in the same room as him without him weaving in between my legs or trying to nibble my socks or pants.  I didn’t know how long that stage would last but it couldn’t be over quick enouth for me. 
Seeing puppy behavior first hand made me realize that I truly am a crazy cat lady and if I do have a dog it will not be a puppy. 

Small Changes
But then my mom  started to take him to puppy  classes and each day he got better .  He would still show “bad” puppy behavior some days but I began to enjoy spending time with him. He is over a year old now and it amazes me what a well behaved dog he is.  I take him outside with me a few times a day and he even plays soccer with me.   I have a nine month old daughter and though  we keep Ray’s time with her short and always  supervised, he is so gentle and loving towards her.  I know they will grow up to be best friends. 

A Bright Future
The beginning was tough with Ray but now I love him  so much and can’t imagine our home without him.  It shocks me that some people are so against Pit Bull type dogs.  Every single one I have ever met is the sweetest most gentle dog;  they are big babies and just want to be loved. 
Especially the Ray-Ray.

9 thoughts on “Asia and Ray

  1. Hehe, mom always says God has to make puppies extra cute so they will survive to be grown ups pups 😉 Even though she loves puppy mischief.

    You are a very good writer, Asia!

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