Starbucks, ‘Vators and Gators

Sometimes I live way too far inside my own head and it can take something pretty spectacular to get me out of those depths. 

This week started out pretty awesome.  One morning before work the lady in front of me at the drive-thru at Starbucks paid for my coffee, allowing me to earn some good karma by passing along her kindess.  The next day a lady who seemed to be in a hurry, held an elevator door for me.  It’s these small tiles of kindess and humanity that once collected, form a beautiful mosaic that we can reflect on when we need a touch of beauty in our lives.

For some reason, this story brought me to tears this week.  By “some reason” I don’t mean that it shouldn’t but just that I felt so affected by an alligator.   But I did.  It just Makes. Me. So. Sad. 


The gator will soon be on it’s way to a Florida sanctuary to live out it’s life in a manner most befitting it’s needs and hopefully be able to dwell in all the sunshine it  wants.

Do feel like cheering a crazy lady up?  Tell me something good that happened to you or that you did recently.

11 thoughts on “Starbucks, ‘Vators and Gators

  1. Wow – read that article. So sad. And people wonder what is wrong with our society…how about a lack of compassion.

    But when I come home to see the joy on Tess & Ed's face, that is perfection. Our dogs see us as perfect human beings.

    Also, our dog food came in from the “Like” campaign we did way back in March. We'll be posting sometime soon (next week?) about the 500 POUNDS of food we're giving to the local animal shelter and pet food bank. And everyone that liked our page helped make it possible!

  2. WooT! Hannah, that is awesome. I can't wait to see a picture of what 500 pounds of food looks like. That was an awesome thing you guys did.

    …And yeah, the happy canine greetings are always the best.

  3. Norman got to play with a little 3 month old puppy at the beach. He was so cute and floppy and happy and it was so great to see how gentle Norman could be with a little puppy:) The owner told us she got the puppy for free from someone in their neighborhood but I noticed that he was already neutered and she was working on his training with treats the whole time. It made me smile to see someone starting their puppy out right:D

  4. This morning my mom spent a few hours with a group of volunteers training and exercising some very sweet shelter pups 🙂 And when she came home I smelled her all over for practically ever!

  5. Oh my I just read the article of what happen to that poor alligator. Made me break into tears. That is so aweful what they did to him.

    I think the nicest thing that happened to me recently was when I was sitting in a busy metro train durring rush hour (imagine the metro is full, and agitation is high). There was a lady smiled the whole time durring the ride. There was something about her smile that was so heartwarming that made me felt cheerful the rest of my day. I so don't know how to explain it…

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