Walk This Way

Asia has graciously offered up another post!

When Ray comes upstairs with me, he always has to reach the top first. No matter if I’m ahead of him the whole way until the last two stairs, he always pushes his big butt past me to win. I told my mom this and she said, “I’m not surprised, you are the same way.” And really, I am. Ray and I are lot alike, as well as my cat Miko is a lot like Ray and me.

Ray and I are both completely in love with our mommy, and sometimes all we want is her attention. Just being around her makes us feel happy. We will follow her around, and wait for her to get home. Ray is very calm most of the time, as am I, but we both also get so worked up sometimes that we can’t calm down. Me, while playing soccer and him while playing with his toys. I’ve found that Ray is a great opponent in soccer, and I enjoy playing with him.

When we got my cat Miko, he was just a baby and since we had two other cats he lived in my room with me for the first week or so. Everything in the house belongs to Miko, and if we get something new he is our inspector. I am very much the same way in everything is “mine, mine, mine!” Sometimes as a joke, but most of the time I am serious.

This makes me wonder, when our pets are born do they already have their own personality, or do their humans influence how they act? Do any of your pets act like you, and how so?

4 thoughts on “Walk This Way

  1. Love this perspective Asia! Hmmmmm, that is a good question! I'm going to go with learned for my guys. There is a flow and although they dictate a small part of it, most of it is them following human lead.

  2. That's so sweet. I think pets are born with distinct personalities but I think we can influence them too! Kaya has a lot of energy and I think I help keep her calm. I know I can get her bouncing off the walls so easily! Norman and I are a lot more alike, sort of relaxed and silly:)

  3. I really believe that genetics, and external factors (like what is going around the dog, including us) really does shape a way a dog behaves.

    Thanks for the awesome guest post Asia, it really got me thinking! I hope your family have a wonderful day!

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