Feline Friday

With some good “leave it” training, some sturdy gates and a lot of praise for “doing the right thing,” Ray now (for the most part) has very little interest in our kitties.  Though the kitties show varying degrees of interest in him which manifests itself in unique ways.

Jae spends most of his time on top of hte table that Ray sleeps under.  He is the one who walks anywhere he wants, drinks from dips his piggies in Ray’s water bowl, and steals kibble.  They can pass each other in the hallway without so much as a “how ya doin'” to each other because Jae has learned that a moving cat is FUN to chase and a stationary cat isn’t even worth the effort of nodding to.

Miko is our largest and youngest cat.  As Asia mentioned, Miko is our Inspector.  Everything has to be just so and follow the rules of Miko.  If the gate is open and Ray is laying on his mat, Miko will sit on “his” side of the gate feeling as if he is in the safety zone.  He can talk and meow at Ray to his heart’s content because whether or not the gate is open, Miko is on the right side.  He will also venture into Rayville and steal kibble, sit by the garage door and whine (the garage is “outside” to Miko) or just generally sit in the choice sunspots as long as Ray is out of Miko’s sightline.  When Ray is moving about the house, Miko tends to hug the walls behind furniture and keep a clear path.

That’s 9 lbs of Boo Kitty and 20 lbs of Miko.

Boo Kitty is our oldest and smallest cat and she used to have a best friend.  Our dog Bam Bam (Baa Baa) was Boo Kitty’s friend, guardian, and cherished companion until Bam Bam when to the bridge.  Boo Kitty feels it is her bound duty to remind Ray at every opportunity that he is ‘not the Baa Baa.’ 
Recently, Ray was laying in the living room on the sofa and behind the coffee table.  Boo Kitty enters the room walking on the opposite side of the table, see’s Ray, hisses, doubles back to stand in front of him and hisses again, you know…just in case he didn’t get the first message.

She definitely has some chutzpah.  Who is your bravest fur baby?

4 thoughts on “Feline Friday

  1. Oh, that's definitely Ed. But lately Tess has been showing her brave side – alerting us that the pizza man was at the front door while we were in the basement and running straight up to see if it was friend or foe — yes…that's right…she BARKED! A meek little “I'm not really into barking, but I have no other way to communicate” bark. Too cute.

  2. Shiner is very brave… but the cat may have been more brave hehe. Shiner doesn't like cats unfortunately and I always wished that her and KKMM had at least remotely gotten along with each other.

  3. Oh, that's so cute how their personalities and attitudes are so different. Gina really likes dogs until they chase her and or threaten her, then she will run, hide and avoid them at all costs. If she was a little bit sassier I think we would have an easier time with her and Sophie!

  4. This sounds familiar! Even though my kitties like me pretty well finally, Linus will still whack my in the face every now and then just 'cause. I don't even have to look at him!

    I am very glad Ray is being so good to his kitties though 🙂 What a a good by he is!

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