Sickie Poo

You know how karma has a way of putting you in your place?  Yeah, well sometime last week, I had started to feel kind of burnt, overwhelmed and discouraged so in my mind, I declared that Saturday was going to be Selfish Saturday.  I planned to sleep late and cuddle with Ray, get a pedicure and not clean the house -at least in the morning. 

While I had my hedonistic morning, something else happened and if you follow him on Facebook you already know;  Ray got sick.  He starting throwing up in the early afternoon and every few hours throughout the evening, once overnight, again a few times on Sunday.  I was starting to feel a bit panicked because he only ate half of his breakfast on Saturday morning, refused food all the rest of the day-even the boiled chicken and rice I made him.  Thankfully he still drank water and ate ice chips to keep hydrated.  Also, Ray usually smells like nothing and I could smell sick-dog smell on him. 


The really cute and somewhat sad thing about Ray is that he hates to throw up in the house.  He runs to the door and stands there, waiting to be let out.  He actually seems to hold it as long as possible until he can go out to a good spot.  Everytime we missed the signal or overnight, there was a bit of vomit by the door.  What really started frightening me was when he vomited on his foot and didn’t even seem to mind. 

I think he probably ate something that disagreed with his tummy and after thinking and talking about all the possibilities, we feel it was a certain one of his treats, which we will obviously no longer give him. Finally Sunday afternoon he ate his chicken and rice with a little kibble and acted like he was regaining some strength.  By Sunday evening he was acting a bit more playful and even begging for a taste of my sorbet and this morning my happy wiggle butt was back.

Thanks for all the good healing thoughts and wishes you all sent over the interwebs.  We really appreciated all your kind words.

14 thoughts on “Sickie Poo

  1. So glad to hear he is on the mends — we hate to see a sick pup! Plus, I always get freaked out and wonder if I need to take them to the vet — or worse, the emergency vet afterhours where walking through the door is a hefty fee!

  2. Awwwww, I can only imagine seeing him throw up on his feet and him not reacting, I would have freaked out a bit on that one. It's so sweet that he tries to hold it, Melvin has thrown up on my feet countless times, clearly not trying to hold it! Hopefully Ray's recovery continues and he's 100% in no time! If only they could talk…

  3. Thanks! Asia mentioned/complained that I am much more attentive to him when he is sick than I am to her, but it is just so terrifying when a pet is sick. You're right, if only they could talk!

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