Dog Gone Wednesday

Always one to jump on the bandwagon, especially if the said bandwagon is pretty, I decided to order some Just Dog Gone Cute collars for the dogs and cats at the Allen County SPCA as well as for a special new Foster Parent.  I love how eye-catching they are and adding the “Adopt Me” ribbon is even better.

Kelly was so great to work with, keeping me in the loop every step of the way about my order status, etc, and accomodating the need for two shipping destinations.

My boys are definitely NOT adoptable, just modeling for Mama

 I do admit that I had the shelter’s box sent to my house just so I could ooh an ahh over the contents before delivering them.  I also took that opportunity to have a mini photo shoot.

Dola and Max have both been adopted, but look at how cute they are.

I’m really excited to see if these will attract some positive attention at Outreach events.  Have you tried these fancy collar accessories yet?

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