Thankful Thursday

I want to start by thanking everyone for their comments and private messages of support regarding our post on Tuesday.  The challenge with dogs and babies is that they are dogs and babies and both think differently than we do. 

Because Asia was there, she wrote the account so I do feel compelled to clarify a few things:  as a rule, all baby and dog interactions are done with an adult within reaching distance.  I believe that because Ray was focused on licking an owie, he was startled but I am so relieved in his reaction.  Also, we are all about positive training.  The pop on the bottom and the repremand that Ray got almost ended up “on the cutting room floor” but it happened so we included it.  I don’t want Ray to learn that what he did was wrong, because it was so right. I also am not here to hang Asia out to dry.  This was the first incident of this type and I can only imagine the heart pounding adrenaline going through her.  Any snap or growl to communicate discomfort is highly encouraged and we are so thankful that he did it and didn’t make any contact with the baby. 
So, once again, thank you.

…and the reason we are late with today’s post is that Ray and Mama got a little extra snuggle time in this morning. 

Who wants to get up and go to work when you’d be leaving this?

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