I think that I might have started this post in my head nearly a dozen times, but when it came to typing it out, I couldn’t formulate a coherent thought.  Maybe that’s a sign that I’m addressing this too soon.  Maybe the emotion of the week is still wearing off and I’m still riding the waves of such a new and life-changing experience.

Last week, one of the folks at the shelter that I was talking to called me something that meant the world to me.  Something that made me feel like a super hero.  She called me “Glamour’s foster mom.”  Today, I
am proud to announce that Glamour, now known as Kya is:

Her perfect family has found her and she is now the happy little sister to her Doberman brother and is already loved and cherished by her people.  How do I know that?  They have messaged me and graciously friended us on Facebook, so we’ll get pictures and updates!

8 thoughts on “Kya

  1. Yay!!! We were just about to share your post from last Wednesday, but I said “Hang on mom! Maybe Glamour found her family already; let's double check.”

    I am oh so glad that I was right 🙂 And it is so cool that you'll get to see updates and pictures of Glamour (now Kya) all the time! This post really made me and mom smile.

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