Heads or Tails

One of my favorite people in the world is my sister.  I’d say that statement is true 95% of the time but that’s a pretty darned good percentage, if you ask me.  She is fun and we have a history that goes back, obviously, a long time so that we get each other’s quirks and twisted sense of humor.  We are totally alike and totally different.  She says we are like the two sides of the same coin. 

She had a Pit Bull-type of dog way before I was interested in them and recently she has been doing something that I’ve been wanting to do for the longest time.  In the last week of May she got her first foster dog and tomorrow she will be sending her second foster dog to his forever home!


 Her first foster, Brutus, was losing his foster home due to a medical issue with his foster parent, so my sister took him in until he was adopted.  That actually left her foster-less for a week or two while everyone ensured that Bru’s adoption would “stick.” 

In the meantime, a call was put out about Buddy.  He had been in rescue since April and was being kenneled on location, though clearly not liking it.  When my sister’s spot opened up, she took him in and after their first adoption event together, she texted me that they had received a good application on Buddy.

Not one to usually dress up her pets, but rather one to mock Ray endlessly about his “outfits,” I was pleasantly surprised to see her make use of the Adopt Me collar from Just Dog Gone Cute.  If you are in the Michigan area and are looking for a great pet, check out Seven Star Rescue in St. Joe.

I don’t really say it ever often enough, but I’m proud of her.

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