Doggie Bag

So often while heading to the shelter or while actually out on walks, I remembered things that I wanted to bring with me.  This began happening so often that I decided to get a bit more organized and luckily I had an occasion to purchase some Thirty One items.  Actually what had happened was I borrowed a bag that Asia had purchased and I loved the functionality so much that I decided to give hers back and get one in a color that suited my needs and with a saying of my choice. 

Thus, this became my dog walking bag that I keep in my vehicle.

I decided not to have anything embroidered on it about Ray or Peaceabull just because it will be used for  so many different events and dogs.


 The multitude of pockets is perfect for just grabbing things I might need and the inside is roomy enough for other essentials.

So what all did I decide are essentials that I either use regularly or just want to have “just in case,”  you ask? 

From the top, a spare harness (and leash) that actually no longer fits Ray but will fit many of the dogs I might walk, though the only other pooch who has worn it was Glamour/Kya and it was a bit large on her.  Clicker.  I don’t really click with the shelter dogs but if I have Ray out and about I like to have my clicker handy.  Carabiner.  If you have a dog, have ever walked a dog or needed a free hand or extra hanger you know how valuable this is.  I could hang carabiners all over myself and be very happy.  Comfy, flat walking shoes.  Although I’ve written about walking in 3″ heels,  I’ve found that while I still do it occasionally, I’m getting wise enough to utilize the flats more.  Bio spray and lip gloss.  Only one of those are for pooches and the other is for me.  I stash lip gloss all over the place like a squirrel hiding nuts.  Seriously, I have at least seven different kinds in my desk at work and two more in the door handle compartment in my truck.  Groom mitts.  These came in a BarkBox and they’re completely awesome.  I’m also not above admitting that on a super humid day, I may have made use of one on a certain human before heading back to work.   Lint roller, because dogs shed.  Treat pouch and poop bags.  Kind of self explanatory.  Last but not least is my new “dog mat.”  I didn’t even know Thirty One made anything like this, but it will be so handy for the truck or any other time we need something portable and washable to sit on.

Fleecy side

Water resistant side

I love that it folds up and closes with velcro and it even has a zippered pouch for money or other things I don’t want stuffed into the open pockets.  It’s also roomy enough to fit at least one person and a dog. 

So tell me, what is in your doggie bag and what am I forgetting?

*Not pictured is our foldable water dish…I misplaced it, so we’ve been making due with water bottles.

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