How Timely

Right on the heels of our post last week where we wrote about our new Organizing Utility Tote and About Town Blanket, but noted that we misplaced our folding water bowl, our July BarkBox arrived. 
This month’s BarkBox was so full of doggety goodness that I could have sworn that it was packed with things especially selected just for Ray.

Yes, that is a SafeMade flexi-bowl that I can add to my doggie bag as well as some great treats and dispensers.

While we haven’t yet tried everything, the Max & Ruffy’s Tree of Life treats were a HUGE hit.  They smelled a bit like a gingerbread cookie and I was somewhat tempeted to sample one myself, which I could do because they are made with organic human-grade ingredients.  As if that wasn’t enough, they’ve included a coupon too!  I’ve perused the Max & Ruffy’s site a bit and I can guarantee that we will make use of that coupon.  I try to be very careful with introducing new treats to Ray with all of his pink piggy sensitivities and these are definitely winners.

What was your favorite part of this month’s BarkBox?

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