Who’s the Baby Now?

Earlier this year, when we were seriously considering bringing King into our home, my biggest hesitancy was due to my fear that Ray might suffer by comparison. King was so calm and stable in every situation that I had him in, whether it was on a walk around the neighborhood, a visit to the office, or just a lunch date, he was a steady-Eddie.

Ray was becoming much better both in the house and out on the town, though he still occasionally got amped up, especially when hot and/or tired. Possibly coincidentally, just after we got the news that King had found his forever home, Ray morphed. As if he crossed some secret threshold, he suddenly seemed more mature like he just “knew.” Ray may have just started growing up earlier than I expected, he may have been maturing and I just didn’t notice or secretly he knew he was being compared to King. Whatever the case, it took me aback somewhat, as I didn’t really expect it until after he turned two.

Bringing Julius home has been even more of an enhancement to Ray. Julius is so easy going and confident that he and Ray have been able to play well together and as a result, Ray has developed some social skills that he may have never developed in a one-dog household. Ray has also been able to showcase his maturity in a contrast to Julius who is still very puppy-like. Ray is more relaxed around the baby because he knows that he can get up and walk away. She kisses him, he kisses her, she takes is toys and he takes hers, but not from her hand.

Recently as we were preparing dinner, Asia and Julius went outside while Ray, the baby and I stayed inside. The baby was carrying around a tortilla that she was gnawing on and Ray was following very close behind her. I knew he wanted a bite, but was so proud that he didn’t even lean in for as much as a sniff. When Asia and Julius returned, Julius took one look at the tortilla and thought, “Don’t mind if I do,” grabbed an end and helped himself to a portion. That was Ray’s cue to go ahead and take a bite of Juli’s piece, of course.

That’s what brothers do.

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