National Adoption Weekend

This past weekend was PetSmart Charities National Adoption Weekend and I was honored to be a part of that on Saturday as Asia and I volunteered to help find some great pooches forever homes.  I got the text early Saturday letting me know that Asia would be handling Hoagie and I would have Pop Tart.

Pop Tart



If we’re friends on Facebook, you may remember I shared Poptart (Poppie) about a week or so ago.  She had been fostered by our Director’s friend, adopted and then wound up back in the shelter through no fault of her own.  I love that phrase because it can cover so many things, but in this circumstance, it was no fault of her own.  Unfortunately, the former foster was not able to refoster, so Facebookers pulled together to network her fast and furiously but in the end she was transferred up to Allen County where we would have a shot at placing her in a perfect forever home. 

Sometimes in adoption you find really good homes, you find great homes and every once in a while you find perfect homes.  While Hoagie did not make a love match this weekend, Poptart scored the ultimate: the perfect home.  Her adopters were supporters of the SPCA, and former adopters.  In fact, they had adopted the cutie pie formerly known as Lane. 

Lane and Asia at PrideFest

I met Lane, know called Tyson, when Asia and I volunteered at Pridefest and he was simply adorable.  His new family were looking for a sibling for him to play with.  They fell in love with Poptart, but had to go get Tyson to see if it was going to be a love match.  Sweet Poptart had been, in the space of twenty four hours, transferred from one shelter to another, two hours away, slept in a strange environment, taken by a treat bearing stranger to a large store where there were many, many other dogs and cats looking for homes.  To say she handled it like a champ would be an understatement.  She got into a couple of shouting matches with some other dogs, but when she met Tyson, it was kismet.  They just were like two peas in a pod and Poptart, now known as Khaleesi, took all of his puppy lovin’ in such a good natured way that I couldn’t have cooked up a better recipe for success.

 I’m super excited about the updates already and just know that this was a great love match.  As for Hoagie?  No match this weekend, but this little guy just has so much personality that I’m sure he’ll be in a home of his own very soon.  The good folks at Allen County SPCA will see to that.

Thanks to PetSmart, the volunteers and staff at not only Allen County SPCA, but also all rescues and shelters all across the nation for giving your time and talents to this great cause.  I’m sure thousands of dogs and cats found their forever home over the weekend.  It’s what we do until there are no more.

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