Thankful Thursday

Recently, our good friends at Adventures of a Dog Mom hosted a give away for some free bags of Purina ONE.  Emily had been asked to test some of their food and although Boomer and Dottie weren’t able to do so, one of the dogs in her family was. 

Now, I love a give away as much as anyone else but I try to only enter a contest in which I can really make use of the prize or if it’s something new to us, a prize we may be interested in trying and in the case of Purina ONE, I was hoping to win specifically because although I don’t feed that, the ACSPCA does.  Score!  Imagine how thrilled I was to learn two bags of kibble were coming their way and I got to be the lucky person to deliver it.

As if that wasn’t generous enough, before I even made it to the store with my coupons for the bags of food, Emily contacted me again.  Purina had offered her coupons for canned ONE and since I was donating my winnigs, would I be interested in these coupons too?  Would I!  You bet.

In the midst of moving, surviving a flood, acclimating to a new city, state and job Emily took the time to send us not only the coupons, but a really cool dog journal as well.

Purina ONE headed to the shelter
I’ve gotta say it again for about the galzillionth time, I love this online community of ours and my dog mom friends that I’ve made.  
We would love to hear, what is ONE thing you are thankful for today?

7 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. We've been busy fighting a tiny gift Bandit left for us, and it is a little overwhelming thinking we may never be completely pest-free. But we try to keep in perspective that we are so lucky to have a house we have to worry about, and that we had the opportunity to give Bandit a great month with us!

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