A Simple Pay it Forward

If you’ve been around for any amount of time, you may remember this.  We did have a bit of an adjustment and growing up period…most of last year.  But I have to say, when Becca called me and told me about the carpet, I knew Kevin would be mad, but never in my wildest imagination did I think Kevin would raise a hand to Ray.  And I was right.  The carpet incident was a shock, but no one ever feared for Ray’s safety.


So, for two reasons, this story touched my heart.  I’m newish to And Foster Makes Five, mostly through Facebook, but when I read this story and saw the pictures of that heart nosed puppy, my heart melted and I knew I had to help. 

Some dogs are fortunate to know people who know people.  Networking helps and though there are so many pleas for help online that you really have to be not only judicious in who, when, and how you help, you sometimes have to decline or bypass a story out of sheer self-preservation. 

This story, this dog touched me.  I donated, I shared and hope that you’ll do the same.

That is all.

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