And the Winner…

As often happens when I do something on the spur of the moment, I find that I need to change my plans in midstream. For instance, this contest. I didn’t mean for it to be convoluted, therefore, the first person to get the right answer won a prize and everyone else who commented (great guesses, by the way…you’re all so much more creative than I could ever be) was entered into the drawing.

So the first person to guess that Ray was dressed as an “X-Ray” was Laura, who actually is the mommy of Ray’s littermate, Dahey. Laura opted for a cash donation to our local shelter but she scored a bonus because I already owe her a necklace. Our other winner was none other than the mommy of Julius’ dopelganger, Nigel.

Thanks to everyone who played and Pocket Pittie in the City peeps, we messaged you on FB.

2 thoughts on “And the Winner…

  1. X-Ray — love it!! I told Sam we have to plan to do the dogs' costumes in August next year so we can do something creative with them. I have seen so many cute costumes using hoodies – and the dogs are already used to wearing win!

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