Though the boys now sleep in separate bedrooms, they spend a tremendous amount of time snuggling with each other at every opportunity. Their Facebook page certainly showcases their affinity for snuggling on the sofa with numerous shots like this:

Quite often I can be found near the bottom of that pile on the sofa, but occasionally I am allowed to sit in a chair alone. Recently that very thing happened and while the boys were being their extremely cute selves, the paparazzi were swarming them.

Luckily Ray and Julius are used to the attention and were able to continue their nap uninterrupted.

11 thoughts on “"Pup"arazzi

  1. So, so precious!! And that really cracked me up… that's totally what we do. As soon as they're all doing something cute, we crowd around and snap cell phone pics! 🙂

  2. That picture is too funny! I am constantly swarming the dogs to capture a moment. If I miss one it's so disappointing! Hard to live in the moment when they are so cute the moment MUST be captured. 🙂

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