"The Sweetheart Brothers"

This has been a week for packages and new accoutrements  for the Peace-a-bull crew and if you follow along on Facebook, you may have seen a sneak peak of the new Valentine’s collars.  I was nearly beside myself that the fancy Christmas collars that I ordered didn’t quite work out, so I wanted to make darned sure the boys wouldn’t be so deprived in February.

Generally, if I have the boys out, they are wearing a harness, so most of the time their collars are decorative and I recently found the patriotic collar that I had ordered for Ray for the Fourth of July from Prancer’s Pit Projects.  It is softer as the interfacing isn’t so stiff and it is a 2″ width, which worked out really well for Julius recently so I went back to Prancer’s Facebook page and poured over the available Valentine’s fabrics.  After messaging them and changing my mind a time or two, I finally got my order placed and they came in the mail this week!

So Ray’s collar; my sweet lovey dovey Ray is the one I changed my mind about a few times and ended up with the perfect collar for him.

No pretty poses tonight!

It’s simple and it’s not too girly and it expresses my feelings for the big lug.  It just has love written all over it.

For Julius, as soon as I saw this fabric, I knew it was meant for him but not until I got the actual collar in my hands and then on his sweet neck did I  really understand how much this collar IS Julius.

If ever a collar was meant for a dog…

Bonus!  It’s sparkly! (but manly)

He’s just achingly more adorable in this collar.  Says the impartial mommy)  I just can’t get over how much this just “fits” his personality.
Yes, they are the Sweetheart Brothers.  (Thanks for the inspiration for the title, JR, the Juli-bean sends a hug.)

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