Little Pink Piggy

I had a conversation with a stranger/lady the other day which started out extremely odd and evolved into a nice discussion on Pit Bull advocacy. When I say extremely odd, I mean extremely odd and somewhat insulting, actually.

I was actually at Petco the other day with Ray. We were buying a large bag of dog food and because I him with me, I was pushing the food in the shopping cart and feeling smugly happy about how well Ray was walking next to the cart when a lady approached and screeched at me, “Ohhh! My brother has one of those!” Which made me happily turn to her ready to engage in a conversation on how wonderful Pit bull ownership is when she continued, completely seriously, “That’s a pot bellied pig, right?”

“No…..,” I was pretty sure she was kidding until I saw her face. “Well, what is it?” she asked. “He’s a dog,” I replied cautiously while looking for the hidden cameras that were sure to be nearby. “But you get that question a lot, right?”

Again, no. To be perfectly honest, we all call Ray our little pink piggy, but given his lack of a hoof, cloven or otherwise as well as his dog face, we’ve never thought he would be taken for a real pig. Then, she wanted to know what kind of dog he was, which led to the Pit Bull type conversation. “Oh, they have such a bad rap, especially here in town. They get killed in the shelter right away.” That allowed me to talk about the wonderful Pit Bull types that have been pulled from Animal Care by the ACSPCA and what strides our community is making toward Pit Bull adoptions.

She told me about a dog she had just gotten from a person at a place that she volunteers at and that it was still a puppy but is so big and still growing. She said it had short hair and was probably a boxer but it was just so big. I suggested maybe there was Mastiff in it, so of course she wanted to show me a picture in an effort to identify it. As we all know visual identification is so difficult, but of course I wanted to see a picture.

She whipped out her phone and I started chuckling when I saw the picture. Strange Lady has gotten herself a Pit Bull. Granted, it, like so many is probably a mix and could quite easily be a Boxer/Pit mix, but there was no doubt that was a Pit Bull. Lucky lady.

10 thoughts on “Little Pink Piggy

  1. Omg, how WEIRD! We had a very strange encounter once where some lady ran up to us, gushing about how cute and sweet my dogs were. She enthusiastically asked me what breed they were and I proudly said pit mix. Then she scowled and me and said I “should have made something up instead, like Tasmanian Devil bloodhound mix.” Uh….what?

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