Which Craft?

As happens every so often, I get the urge to be all crafty and such and so this weekend I decided to make some jewelry and some bandanas. If you don’t really know me, you don’t realize that those two simple things can take on a life of their own and simple projects always become bigger than intended.

I had ordered some charms a while back and felt that with only the four-legged boys and myself at home, I would be able to procrastinate doing my housework get a lot of crafting done. The intent was to pick up just a couple of things I needed from the craft store (ha!) and return home to finish. Naturally, I came away with the things I needed, plus items for another project and an idea for a new type of project I want to learn to do.

Bad Droid pic

The first new project was pretty simple. I grabbed some brightly colored bandanas and for the lettering, there were these great iron-on embroidered letters and nearby were some sparkly paw prints to add. The project was so simple, but here’s where Iget lost in the rabbit hole. After realizing I had enough left over letters to do a “Ray” and a “Julius” bandana, I went back to a different craft store the next day and bought them each one. But of course I couldn’t stop there. Having made a pink and a blue “Adopt Me” bandana the first day, I decided to make some gender neutral ones, so I picked up two more. Plus more letters.

What we ended up with was a pink and a blue with black embroidered letters, a purple with gold puffy letters and an orange with blue puffy letters. The plan is to use these when taking some photographs and also when we go to Pet Expo in May, we usually don’t have enough “Adopt Me” vests available for all the dogs, so this should help supplement.

Julius got one in what is becoming his signature color, lime green, or Juli-bean green as we like to call it. And although Ray’s signature color (in my mind) is turquoise, he got one in yellow, to signify he sometimes needs space when we are out and about.

So naturally, after the projects were done, we had to do a photo shoot. It’s kind of a given, right? With a handful of treats and my camera and we headed to the living room where Julius was bounding and leaping in the air trying to grab the treats until I got them safely tucked away in my pocket. I turn to look for Ray and I see him sitting on the mat in front of the fireplace because naturally, that is where we usually do the pictures! I moved another mat to our shoot location and of course Ray knew the drill. Juli finally settled in and here are the results.

Strike a  pose!

Double profile!

We’re really looking forward to getting some adoptable pics soon, too.

How was your weekend?  Any crafty projects in your house? 

PS. If you follow us on Facebook, you know Asia met some pretty special someones, so stay tuned for the scoop!

10 thoughts on “Which Craft?

  1. The pictures of the bros are awesome. The bandanas turned out great! If anyone saw my craft stash they would choke. They would wonder how anyone in 10 lifetimes could use that all up. I am just mesmerized and get full of ideas on a craft site or in a craft store. Your projects turned out gorgeous. Have fun!

  2. So cute! I did that same project for Molly's adopt me bandana, but it didn't occur to me to make ones for the boys with their names! Gah – I think a trip to the craft store is in order. (As if I need an excuse…)

  3. These are great! And those models – me-OW!

    Always lots of projects going on. No active dog crafts, but we're looking forward to making some outdoor dog beds for this summer as we try to put together our patio.

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