Tora Tuesday

If you’ve been following along at all on Facebook, you know by know how much our entire family has fallen in love with Miss Tora. She is everything I had ever hoped for in an adoptable dog. She is an elderbull, she is sweet and gentle with the baby, gets along great with Julius (who doesn’t?) and probably a very good candidate to be a therapy dog.

The only drawback is Ray, of course. He always needs to go so much slower with intros and can be so cranky. It’s a major production to take him to the Vet, to trim his nails, to put drops in his ears, etc. He is my heart dog, but Tora is my ideal. Julius, of course, is nothing but easy. He adapts to everything and just rolls along with his wagging tail and sweet personality.

With all the pressure encouragement from my Facebook community, and after many heartfelt and heart wrenching conversations, we have decided to add Tora to our household and to make Ray available for private adoption to a good home where he will be the only dog, or at least to a home that will have more time to work with him on his desensitization. Preferably to a home nearby, where I can still get updates on him.

“You know she’s kidding, right?”

Yeah, Duh! April Fool’s!

15 thoughts on “Tora Tuesday

  1. Ray is your heart, no one could pry him away for you. That is the thing that kept me from falling for it. But its a good one. You set the pictures up so well. even with the one with Ray looking sad at the end. Happy April Fools day! Did you see Tora on tv? She really is just cute and well-behaved.

  2. I actually hate April Fool's Day and last year when Corbin did something similar on his blog, I was annoyed and devastated at first. This set up was just too perfect, though and doesn't come around very often!

  3. You, my dear, are a real STINKER!!! I actually fell for this and I of all people, should know better! Just an FYI. I am moving home at the end of May. Can't wait to see you! And Ray and Juli too!!!

  4. I am new to your blog and started reading this post. Maybe I was fooled because I'm so new and don't 'know' you, but I could not believe what I was reading, and stated to feel uncomfortable for commenting previously that I would never give up on my dogs.

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