What is it About a Camera?

As I’m gearing my creaky knees and aching back up for Day 2 of the Northern Indiana Pet Expo, I’m reflecting on what it is about a camera that makes a person more …hmmm…sociable?  Approachable?  I’m not quite sure what I’m searching for, but here is what I found. 

I’m very reserved by nature.  I’m generally shy and often am more able to talk to people if there is a dog involved.  When I’m handling a dog, people tend to ask questions about him/her and I’m able to answer without being too tongue tied or fumbling to make other conversation.  Yesterday, however while taking photos for the Expo, I found that I was at the same time invisible and approachable. 


Being a mother, a grandmother yaya and a private individual, I found it interesting that a stranger with a camera was able to snap photos of people (even children!) without anyone batting an eyelash.  Perhaps because I was viewed as a non-threatening individual or because I felt shielded by my lens, I was much more able to engage in conversation as well.

Well, we’re off for Day 2 and hope to see all of the local folks in attendance!

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