Walk for a Dog

I have a love/hate relationship with my “smartphone.” Sometimes I think it is so stupid and stubborn that I’ve actually yelled at it and called it bad names. Other times, I think, “Wow, you really know me!”

(Not that I anthropomorphize at all or anything.) I like the fact that, although it is Big Brother-ish, my phone usually knows where I am going on various days and times and feeds me interesting tidbits of information.


Well over the course of the weekend, I ran across an app while on Oscar the Vicktory dog’s Facebook page that I wanted to share with everyone. (Pretend you don’t already know about this and that I’m not the last one in the Universe to use it.) It’s called Walk for a Dog and basically, you download the app, walk your dog (or a shelter dog), pick a shelter or rescue and for every mile you walk, you earn cold, hard cash for your group.


I’ve loaded both Ray and Julius in the app, but if you don’t have a dog you can “Walk for Cassie” (android option) and still earn your shelter or rescue money and I think I’ll probably have to create another to use as a universal shelter dog for my app so I can kind of keep track of everything separately.


So other than the fact that this is a phone app, why am I all about my phone, you ask? When I downloaded the app and began the super easy set up, the Allen County SPCA prefilled in the app. I highly recommend that anyone who walks a dog, has a smartphone and supports a shelter or rescue downloads this app and begins earning some funds by doing what you already do.


5 thoughts on “Walk for a Dog

  1. There is also an app called Charity Miles. I use it in the summer when I can walk outside. You can either walk, run, or bike for a charity of your choice. The ASPCA is one of those charities. But they also have feed America, autism, wounded warrior, etc. For every mile you walk or run they donate .25.

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