Dog is my Co-Pilot

I adopted Ray when he was just seven weeks old and brought him home, a scarf-wrapped bundle on my lap, safe from the winter storm raging outside the truck. Shortly after that, we began puppy obedience classes, and since he was still such a tidbit, I transported him crated in the backseat of my truck. Eventually he graduated from the class and the crate to sitting/lying in the backseat while on his bye-byes and never really had much of an interest in looking out the window or getting air in his face.

Even when we began driving the minivan pittievan, Ray claimed the back bench seat as his domain while Julius gravitated toward the cushions on the floor next to the baby’s car seat.


Until recently.
A few weeks ago, Ray decided he was meant to ride shotgun, so he lumbered over Julius, the console, the armrest and into his throne. He became Joe Cool in the front seat while clearly only babies sat in the back.


So, while I don’t let him up there as a practice, I do let him have his special seat occasionally and it does tend to go to his big head.

Recently I had to take him to his Vet for an appointment and since it ran long, we ended picked up Julius from day-play together.  Julius, as usual, was happy to see his big brother.  Juli jumped into the van with his tail wagging, greeting Ray as if to say, “Hi Ray, I’m glad you came with Mommy to pick me up!  I had a great day, did you have a great day?  I played all day long with my friends.  Were you going bye-bye with Mommy?  I missed you, did you miss me?”

Ray, from his spot in the front seat, did the one motion head nod…”Hey kid” and turned back to the window.

7 thoughts on “Dog is my Co-Pilot

  1. Pittievan!!!! If I ever hitchhike, I hope a Pittievan picks me up! Melvin (in his WILD days) also enjoyed riding shotgun, except his seat of choice was mine when I was driving! Your dogs are much smarter!

  2. Ha! I love your take on their conversation…I bet it is spot on! Kaya & Norman have always ridden in the back. They have been weirded out the couple time I had to put them in the front. Norman does like to stick his head out the back window though while Kaya prefers to lie down:)

  3. Awww! So cute!! A long while ago, Emmett did the same thing… just climbed into the front one day. I don’t make it a regular habit either, but if I have everybody and the back is crowded or if it’s something special, I say, “Hey, Em. Want to be a front seat dog?” and he pops up front! My sidekick!

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