Keeping Up Appearances

Ah, Friday, I’ve waited all week for you!  Today is warm, but not too hot, sunny, slightly breezy, casual wear, last day before staycation day and I can feel the wind down begin.

I actually spent my lunch hour with my favorite shelter boy, Deuce, and our own Hometown Hero, Jessica, chatting about all of the great things in store for the animals in this community and their humans.  Sometime during the course of the conversation, Jessica pointed out that Deuce had left (multiple) smudge prints on my clothes. 

As I headed back to work, the running dialogue in my brain reflected that I should have been more careful and that if I took more pride in my appearance, I might not have to sit in the office for the remainder of the day with paw prints on my pants and sweater.


Then on the heels of that thought (do thoughts have feet?) I realized I take great pride in my appearance.  These multiple paw marks were born from multiple hugs from a dog who loves and trusts me.  They’re from a dog who six weeks ago was happy to see me but so unsure of himself that he pancaked and urinated on himself.  These marks are from a dog who has gained some self confidence back and can ask for affection as freely as he gives it.  I was a part of his growth process, so yeah, I’ll wear this badge of honor pretty darn proudly.

Enjoy your weekend!


8 thoughts on “Keeping Up Appearances

  1. Definitely a badge of honor! I, of course, am not one to judge based on what is or isn’t smeared on one’s clothing… 🙂

  2. FINALLY! We Beaglebratz finally checked bak on your old blog an’got your updated link an’here we r. So furry much happee we found u’all agin! Our mom likez our pawprintz an’noze printz an’furz wherever they may b.
    Shiloh’n Diva Shasta

  3. Tommy has made holes on most of my shirts from when he used to jump on me when I’d get home from work…I still wear those shirts, they were made from my boy in training to not jump on people 🙂

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