Feline Friday

A tower of kitties

A tower of kitties

For as long as I’ve lived with cats I’ve wanted to get them a kitty tower but for one reason or another (cost of even a small one, ripping out carpet and having a handy-ish husband to make one) I’ve never provide this magical monstrosity. Until recently.

On a recent trip to that wonderland of shopping that is Costco, I saw several people carting out kitty towers and upon seeing the price decided my kitties no longer needed to suffer without a tower of their own. As I carted this one out (thank you to the gentleman who upon seeing me struggle to get this nearly six foot tower into my cart, helped me) several people told me how much my cats would love their new toy as long as they are still young enough to climb it.

Therein lies the obstacle. Jae is pretty spry, but nearly 13 years old and Miko is still under 10 years but well over that in pounds. I’ve seen them both in the lower branches, and have been luring them with treats, but so far, they still like the large box that I set next to the tower as a stepping stool.

Go figure.

3 thoughts on “Feline Friday

  1. We don’t have cats now, but when we did, I so wanted one of these for the kittens, but they can be so expensive. Maybe some catnip will entice them to go up all the way 🙂

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