Superstition Is The Way

There is a superstition at the Shelter that if you suddenly think about or talk about a dog that has been adopted for quite a while, you’ll soon hear something adverse about that dog or it will suddenly come back.  Although I don’t work there, there have been times when I’ve gone through my camera roll and deleted pictures of adopted dogs only to find them back in the kennels within a week or so, or worse.  Not included in this (for me) are the dogs who have been adopted by people who are friends or have become friends like Glamour (now Kya), Pop Tart (now Kahlissi) and Nina.







They are all in great homes and I get to hear about them and on occasion, Julius gets to play with the Nina-bean.

While I do think about many others occasionally and there are some pictures that I can no longer associate with a name, there is one who remains in my heart and is never far from my thoughts.

Big Mama Tora

Big Mama Tora

I constantly hope she is doing well while secretly hoping she’ll wander back into my life. Is that as bad as I feel it is?

3 thoughts on “Superstition Is The Way

  1. No that isn’t a bad feeling! You love each animal for who they are! And you could always run into her Mama and her on a walk, not at the shelter:) You CARE and that is a GOOD thing!

  2. Completely understandable! Like Terri said, you care about the animals and though you care about all of them, one forms a special connection with some of them.

    Is it possible to follow-up to make sure she’s being taken care off?

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